Prompt: Write a funny story about a farmer's daughter. Author's response: It was midday. Jane had just gotten home from school, and walked over to her favorite apple tree, groaning. Jane usually liked to spend time in her tree: reading, studying, playing, and homeworking. "Appley, I'm doomed! There's an essay coming up called 'Let's Meet … Continue reading #TheDailyWritingPrompts_1/29/2017_Monday_Farmer’s_Daughter


Prompt: Write about the most annoying things that could ever happen when working on your blog. Author's response: Here's the top most annoying things to happen and that have happened: You write a long, beautiful story and, after all your hard work, you hit 'publish', it takes so long to load you attempt to fix … Continue reading #TheDailyPrompts_1/28/2018_The_Life_Of_Bloggers_Sunday